Mechanical Compression

ClampEase System

Product Overview

The ClampEase mechanical compression device provides a hands-free approach for hemostasis following femoral artery catheterization procedures. The ClampEase System is comprised of a durable ClampEase Stand and a sterile, disposable ball or taper style Disc. The Model C-700 ClampEase System is compatible with those styles of ClampEase Discs that are designed for Ball Tip Attachment. The Model C-750 ClampEase System is compatible with those styles of Discs that are designed for Taper Tip Attachment.

ClampEase Discs are sterile disposable discs that are used on the ClampEase mechanical compression device to apply compression to the femoral artery during hemostasis. There are several models to choose from in varying sizes and shapes to accommodate any patient anatomy. The Discs are compatible with either ball or taper tip attachment compression devices.

Features and Benefits
Indications for Use
Ordering Information
Features and Benefits
  • Hands-free hemostasis, thereby increasing clinician productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for consistent compression over the femoral access site
  • Decreases blood contact
Indications for Use

The ClampEase System is indicated to promote hemostasis in procedures which require a femoral arterial puncture. It may be used with close observation in individuals who are anticoagulated either with heparin or Coumadin like drugs. Its use should be under the direct supervision of a physician.

Ordering Information

ClampEase Stands

ItemDescriptionDisc Models Used
160-2010-00Model C-700, ClampEase Vascular Compression Device, 3 Knob, Ball Tip ConnectorFAPD-FB, FAPD-RB, P-700
160-2010-05Model C-750, ClampEase Vascular Compression Device, 3 Knob, Taper Tip ConnectorFAPD-OT, FAPD-RT, U-SRS200, U-OS003, U-LRS100

ClampEase Discs

FAPD-FB150-2001-24Flat Tunnel Disc, Ball AttachPack24/each/pack
FAPD-RB150-2021-24Round Tunnel Disc, Ball AttachPack24/each/pack
FAPD-OT150-2012-24Oval Tunnel Disc, Taper AttachPack24/each/pack
FAPD-RT150-2022-24Round Tunnel Disc, Taper AttachPack24/each/pack
P-700150-2031-70Medium Disc, Race Track Shape, Ball AttachPack25/each/pack
U-SRS200150-2022-52U-View, Small Round Slotted Disc, Taper AttachPack25/each/pack
U-OS003150-2012-50U-View, Medium Oval Slotted Disc, Taper AttachPack25/each/pack
U-LRS100150-2022-51U-View, Large Round Slotted Disc, Taper AttachPack25/each/pack