Mechanical Compression

CompressAR® System

Product Overview

The CompressAR® System has been used successfully on millions of patients for over 40 years as a practical alternative or replacement to manual compression. With several models to choose from, the The CompressAR System is comprised of a durable CompressAR Stand and a sterile, disposable CompressAR Disc. There are seven unique styles of CompressAR Discs to choose from in varying shapes and sizes. All CompressAR Stands feature a rotating, locking Shaft and a movable Arm Slide for easy application and removal. The Model 1200 devices are designed for use on Hill-Rom TotalCare® Beds. The Model 1400 devices are designed for use on Hill-Rom VersaCare® Beds.

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  • Hands-free hemostasis, thereby increasing clinician productivity
  • Consistent compression over the femoral artery
  • Multiple sizes and shapes of Discs to meet varying patient anatomies
  • Decreases blood contact
  • Outcomes as good or better than manual pressure.1

1 References
• Semler, H J. Transfemoral catheterization: mechanical versus manual control of bleeding. Radiology 1985; 154:234-235.
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The CompressAR® System is a precision instrument indicated for use to provide hemostasis of the femoral vascular access site following femoral artery catheterization procedures.

CompressAR® Stands

Item Description Disc Models Used
160-0000-05Model 6000, CompressAR Universal5123, 5187, 5197, 5207, 5303, 5305
160-0000-06Model 6000, CompressAR StrongArm, 3 Finger Jack5301
160-0000-07Model 6000, CompressAR StrongArm XL, 3 Finger Jack5301
160-0000-16Model 6000, CompressAR StrongArm, SuperComfort5303, 5305
160-0000-17Model 6000, CompressAR StrongArm XL, SuperComfort5303, 5305
160-0001-04Model 1200, CompressAR StrongArm XL, 3 Finger Jack5301
160-0001-14Model 1200, CompressAR StrongArm XL, SuperComfort5303, 5305
160-0004-01Model 1400, CompressAR StrongArm XL, 3 Finger Jack5301
160-0004-11Model 1400, CompressAR StrongArm XL, SuperComfort5303, 5305

CompressAR® Discs

Item Description Size (Diameter, Inches) MOQ Qty
150-0123-06Model 5123, Large Round (Flat) Disc2.0Box12/each/box
150-0187-06Model 5187, Large Comfort Disc2.0Box12/each/box
150-0197-06Model 5197, Elliptical Comfort Disc1.75 x 2.50Box12/each/box
150-0207-06Model 5207, Jumbo Comfort Disc2.625Box12/each/box
150-0301-06Model 5301, 3-Finger Jack Disc1.50 x 1.875Box12/each/box
150-0303-06Model 5303, Large SuperComfort Disc2.0Box12/each/box
150-0305-06Model 5305, Jumbo SuperComfort Disc2.625Box12/each/box