Radial Access - Radial Arm Board

Elevate Radial Arm Board™

Product Overview

The Elevate Radial Arm Board™ and Flat Radial Arm Board provides clinicians with a cost-effective, innovative and convenient procedure board for patients undergoing radial catheterization procedures on either the left or right wrists. All boards slide easily under the mattress on either side of virtually any procedure table and positions the patient’s arm to the same level as the top of the mattress.

The Elevate Radial Arm Board and Flat Radial Arm Board also integrate with the single-use mBrace (Model 4250) wrist support device. This helps to speed prep time by positioning the wrist at the proper extension angle and thereby eliminating the need for tape and towel.  The mBrace 4250 easily snaps in and out of the Elevate Armboard channel to permit stable wrist positioning and enhanced patient comfort during the procedure.

Training Video

  • Elevates the patient’s arm to be flush with mattress without requiring additional padding
  • No need for tape and towels when mBrace 4250 is used, thereby speeding up prep time.
  • Can be used for right or left radial procedures
  • Convenient, cost effective

The Elevate Arm Board™ and Flat Arm Board are intended to be used by clinicians to support a patient’s arm during a cannulation procedure, such as a catheterization into the radial artery.

Item Description MOQ
180-0100-00-DualModel 8100, Elevate Arm Board, Dual SideSold individually
180-0100-00-RHModel 8100, Elevate Arm Board, Right HandSold individually
180-0100-00-LHModel 8100, Elevate Arm Board, Left HandSold individually
180-0100-00-FlatModel 8100, Flat Arm BoardSold individually