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FlexBoard™ Wrist Support Device

Product Overview

FlexBoard™ is an adjustable wrist support device that extends the patient’s wrist at a desired angle, enabling clinicians to gain access to the radial artery. Once access has been achieved, FlexBoard can continue to be worn by the patient to immobilize the hand and wrist while A-lines are deployed. This leads to more trouble-free line insertions, assures the integrity of the line and facilitates invasive monitoring for extended periods. The device is made with soft, comfortable material and thick padding for enhanced patient comfort.

  • Extends wrist at user-adjustable angle to enable convenient, patient friendly access to radial artery
  • Soft comfortable material, especially for longer arterial line deployments
  • Wide elastic straps for secure deployment

FlexBoard™ is used by clinicians when inserting arterial lines or catheters into the radial artery or other arteries in the wrist.

Item Description MOQ Qty
140-0400-00Model 4400, FlexBoard Wrist SupportBox40/each/box