Radial Hemostasis

RadAR™ Vascular Compression Device

Product Overview

The sterile, single-use RadAR™ Devices provide economical, safe hemostasis for your post-catheterization radial access patients. In all RadAR models, the user can quickly adjust compression to permit patent blood flow through the artery and gradually release pressure during hemostasis, without unfastening the device. This enables patent hemostasis which has been shown to reduce the incidence of chronic radial artery occlusion. (1)

US Pat. No. 9,924,949

Training Video

(1) Pancholy S, Coppola J, Patel T, Roke-Thomas M. Prevention of Radial Artery Occlusion-Patent Hemostasis Evaluation Trial (PROPHET Study): A Randomized Comparison of Traditional Versus Patency Documented Hemostasis After Transradial Catheterization. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 72:335-340 (2008)

  • Excellent puncture site access and visibility
  • Focused compression enables patent ulnar flow and venous return
  • Easily deployed by a single operator
  • Easy adjustability helps enable patent hemostasis
  • Manufactured in USA

The RadAR™ Vascular Compression Device is indicated for use by medical professionals to promote hemostasis following a catheterization or other puncture into a blood vessel in a patient’s arm or leg, including: radial, brachial, dorsalis pedis or tibial blood vessels, arterial or venous line or sheath removal, hemodialysis, and in patients on anticoagulation therapy.

140-0150-00Model 4150, RadAR Vascular Compression Device, Sailor BlueBox25/each/box
140-0160-00Model 4160, RadAR Vascular Compression Device, NaturalBox25/each/box