Radial Access – Specialty Drapes

Radial Drapes

Product Overview

There are 3 styles of surgical drapes specifically designed for transradial catheterization procedures. The Models 4501 and 7100 drapes provide a single aperture offset and 4 adhesive corners for stable positioning and adherence to the body drape. This also provides convenience and flexibility for use on either right or left radial access cases.

The Model 7200 drape has a dual aperture design for procedures when both radial and brachial access is performed.  

  • Adhesive corners for sterile positioning to the body drape
  • Aperture offset allows for wider sterile field over the lateral side of the ArmBoard
  • Lightweight non-woven Level 4 Barrier material

The AVD Radial Drapes are single use sterile devices intended for use by medical professionals as a protective patient covering, such as to isolate a site of surgical incision or vascular puncture from microbial and other contamination. The drape is attached to the patient in proximity to a vascular puncture site to isolate vascular access punctures from microbial and other contamination during procedures including angiographies and percutaneous interventions.

Item Description Size MOQ Qty
568-0255-20CModel 4501, Special Procedures Drape, Single Hole32” x 42”Box15/each/box
170-0100-01Model 7100, Radial Drape, Single Hole29" x 38"Box25/each/box
170-0200-00Model 7200, Radial/Brachial Drape, Two Hole29” x 40”Box25/each/box