Guidewire Management

SuperClip™ Securement Clasp

Product Overview

SuperClip™ helps interventional labs and surgical suites manage guidewires, catheters and drapes during vascular procedures. The unique Cath Channel design enables easy and convenient wire advancement during deployment by securing the distal tip. Available in multiple colors to help distinguish wires and catheters, SuperClip devices are economical and easy to deploy. Convenient size (1.13”W x 2.3” L x 0.5” H) and weight (0.6 oz).

US Pat. No. 9,127,786

  • Gently secures and organizes coiled wires and catheters
  • Soft elastomeric pad material
  • Unique “Wire Channel” allows convenient wire advancement while securing the guidewire’s distal end during deployment
  • Enables securement of drapes to one another
  • Convenient for handling of hydrophilic wires
  • Available in multiple colors to help distinguish wires
  • Enables blocking when multiple wires are deployed simultaneously
  • Economical, sterile, single-use

The SuperClip™ Model 4600 devices are intended for use by clinicians in securing and managing drapes, guidewires, and catheters (including guides, balloons and stents) before and during interventional vascular or surgical procedures.

Item Description MOQ Qty
140-0600-00Model 4600, SuperClip Securement Clasp (Grey)Box10/each/box
140-0600-10Model 4600, SuperClip Securement Clasp (Pink)Box10/each/box
140-0600-20Model 4600, SuperClip Securement Clasp (Yellow)Box10/each/box
140-0600-30Model 4600, SuperClip Securement Clasp (Green)Box10/each/box